Frank and Stein Associates Launches New Brand

Over the past several weeks, the team at Frank and Stein Associates has taken some time to focus on our brand and the client experience that comes along with it. In an effort to streamline, we decided to separate our business services from our residential consumer services. In fact, we developed an all-new brand dedicated to our business services—FSA Consulting.

Introducing FSA Consulting

Moving forward, Green Light Wireless will be dedicated solely to our local Residential Broadband customers, and FSA Consulting will be the new face of business services powered by Frank and Stein Associates. The FSA Consulting website is the new home of our Managed IT Services, Business Phone Platform, Business Broadband, and Managed Wi-Fi Services.

Think of FSA Consulting as a concierge for all your business technology needs.

Changes for Clients 

So, what does this mean for current business customers of Green Light Wireless? In the simplest terms, you are now an FSA Consulting client rather than a Green Light Wireless business customer. You’ll still receive the same great service with responsive local support, but you’ll find us on new channels tailored specifically to business services and the clients who use them.

We’ve launched a new website for FSA Consulting, at, that features only business services and directs to the support platform and user portal for FSA Consulting clients. We’ve also created FSA Consulting social channels where you can find general information and updates that are relevant specifically to our business services.

FSA Consulting on LinkedIn
FSA Consulting on Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will this affect billing and payments?

Your invoices will now only feature the FSA Consulting logo, not the Green Light Wireless or Frank and Stein Associates logos. 

Pricing is not affected by this change.

Where do I go for help from the support team?

You can call us at (412) 228-3000 or email The support platform that you’re already familiar with is now accessible through for FSA Consulting Clients.

Will I be communicating with a different team of people now?

Nope, you’ll still be working with the same friendly support team that you’re familiar with already. 

Is your contact information still the same?

Our basic contact information like mailing address and phone number remain the same. However, we do have a new website, support email address, and new social media profiles across LinkedIn and Twitter.

We understand that this may be a bit of information overload, so we will be sure to remind you of the essential details whenever necessary. You can also call our office at (412) 228-3000 or send an email to