Preparing Your Technology Mise en Place

Historically, all you needed was a creative menu and a good chef in the restaurant or food service industry to be a community favorite. Prior to 2020, food service did not have to be the early adopter of new technology. In today’s connected world, we can’t deny the importance and customer expectation that you have the technology to improve the front and back of the house.

Today, 75% of restaurant customers expect digitally connected experiences online and in-store. But that doesn’t mean that their dining experience has to suffer because face time may be swapped with screen time.

If you are just starting or growing your IT infrastructure, here are the best places to invest your technology dollars. 

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Business Phone

Business Phone Etiquette

In our daily life of scheduled zoom calls, slack messages, email, text, and chatbots, phone calls seem like a thing of the past. However, voice-to-voice communication is still a vital part of business and customer service. We may all feel a little out of practice. Approximately 30% of the workforce was born after caller ID (or don’t remember the days prior to caller ID  and cell phones), we can all benefit from a brush-up on business phone etiquette.

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Best Practices for Law Firms

Best Practices for Law Firm Files

What is your law firm’s filing setup? Is it still a big room full of meticulously organized and labeled physical files in the office? A high-tech digital solution? Maybe you’re in transition or decided on a hybrid option. Whether you’re considering a transition to a digital file system or work with digital files daily, here are some best practices to optimize your law firm files. 

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FSA TechTips

Why use an Apple Consultant?

Choosing who to trust with your IT solutions and equipment is a big decision. Whether it is the computers your staff use at their desks or the point-of-sale equipment you use with your customers, your technology solutions are the lifeblood of your business and you don’t want to put it in just anyone’s hands. If Apple products comprise all or some of your IT infrastructure, you need a Certified Apple Consultant. A member of the Apple Consultant Network, like FSA Consulting, can help you assess your current systems, install new solutions, and provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

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Why Managed IT?

What is managed IT? You may hear this term, but what does it truly mean and how do you know if your business needs it?  Simply put, a managed service refers to any task that is handled by a 3rd party, so managed IT is outsourced to technology experts that will ensure your technology solutions and infrastructure help you support and grow your business rather than cause downtime and headaches.

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Why Managed IT?

Law firm technology solutions: stopgap or here to stay?

Let’s talk about law firm technology. Your firm’s partners and associates were probably accustomed to remote connections to the office before 2020, say while at lunch with a client or in the courtroom. Very few law firms, however, foresaw the technology solutions needed to conduct business throughout the pandemic. 

Thrust into remote work, firms searched for software and app solutions to allow partners, associates, staff, and clients to communicate. Some potential solutions worked, some didn’t, and some were jerry-rigged to work in the interim until a better option came along. 

Now, two years later, your workforce and client base have (hopefully) adapted to these technological changes and are comfortable working with robust remote solutions. In fact, they likely expect your firm to have robust remote solutions in place. It’s time to evaluate! Take a critical audit of the solutions your law firm put in place and review what you want to keep or replace. 

FSA suggests following the three S’s to review and update remote technology solutions for your firm and clients. 

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Cybersecurity for your devices

Cybersecurity In A Time of Increased Threats

Eight cybersecurity agencies across the globe released a joint cybersecurity advisory warning of increased cyber attacks in the wake of Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine. These agencies are part of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, an agreement between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Their roots go back to intelligence meetings between code-breakers in World War II.

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FSA Consulting Tech Tips blog post on third-party cookies and internet privacy

Best practices for Third-Party Cookies and Internet Privacy

A constant concern with work and life on the Internet is the line between privacy and functionality. Third-party cookies are a continually evolving example of this. While Internet cookies are necessary, they can also compromise your privacy. This month’s Tech Tip focuses on the best practices for website browsing when it comes to cookies (and we don’t mean adding chocolate chips)!

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FSA Consulting Tech Tips on password security

How important is choosing a strong and secure password?

These days it seems passwords are required regularly. You use passwords to log into your computer for email accounts, online apps, online shopping, software applications, and more. We can’t stress the importance of password security and choosing strong and variable passwords for all your accounts. But, we also understand the difficulty of keeping track of different passwords and different password lengths and character requirements. In this Tech Tip, we share why password security matters, the best practices on selecting passwords, and tools that will help you remember and organize all of your passwords.

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