Misconceptions about Apple Products

Many organizations don’t believe they can incorporate Apple products into their existing IT landscape or make their office an Apple office. Maybe it feels like too expensive an undertaking. Maybe there is concern about intermingling devices. In a modern hybrid work world, employees may be using their work laptop in the office, but checking email and Slack on their iPhone from the road.

Let’s look at some common misconceptions about Apple products to help you make an informed decision.

Too Expensive

Apple devices don’t just look cool, they have the latest in personal computing technology. Apple products’ costs are relative to the quality of their design, hardware, and software. However, there is almost always variation in price based on memory, storage capacity, or screen size. You can choose a variation based on your budget. Apple products do not have to break the bank. 

Imagine you are planning a vacation and you want to stay at a Marriott property. That means you can stay at the Ritz-Carlton, the Westin, or the Residence Inn. And you choose your accommodations based on budget, what amenities you need, etc.. This is true with Apple products as well. For example, when you compare Mac models you see that there are a  myriad of options.   

Not Worth the Investment

Apple’s commitment to quality creates rabid fans who will always choose the device in the White Box. And because of that brand loyalty, Apple doesn’t offer a large and diverse family of brands. 

Yes, the price points, especially for the latest product versions, can be overwhelming. It is easy to get excited about the latest and greatest while you are watching WCDD, envisioning how these new and updated products will improve and change your work. Until you get to the cost. 

Yes, Apple products are more expensive but when looking at price, factor in the long lifespan of Apple hardware, the quality of software and consistent software updates, and the resale value of Apple products. In the end, Apple products can end up being a much better lifetime value than cheaper alternatives because of their total cost of ownership. 

You can’t open them up and customize them like a PC

While it is true that you can’t build a Mac as you can a PC, you can upgrade your hard drive, and add RAM and an internal graphics processing unit. But beyond hardware, you can clean up your software to free up space or develop and run maintenance scripts.  

Macs Don’t Get Viruses

This is half-true. Generally, viruses aren’t written for Macs because there are simply fewer people using that operating system versus Windows. PCs are more prevalent and easier to access. The macOS is more difficult to crack into but that is not a safety guarantee. Vulnerabilities come from users falling prey to malware and cyber-attacks. So, as we often remind you, security should always be top of mind. 

Macs don’t play well with PCs

Ever since the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads of the mid-2000s, it seems like people are one or the other. It doesn’t have to be this way! Most common applications can be used on both. And, with the shift to cloud-based computing and file sharing, it is even easier. Yes, the operating systems are different and there is a bit of a learning curve to finding the right commands and the differences in navigating the operating systems. Some of it comes down to different naming conventions for the same parts of the interface, or how the user interacts with the operating system. (For example, ask Apple users the ways that they “right-click”.) 

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