Spring Cleaning Part II: Refreshing your IT Infrastructure

Last month we gave you some tips and tricks for spring cleaning and clearing the digital clutter in your life. If you tried them but your systems are still running slow, it might be time to purchase new computers or upgrade your office technology. But where do you start with such a daunting task?

It may be easy to dream of completely renovating all of your office technology infrastructure. Imagine everything up-to–date, functional, and with the latest features! But for most companies, updating everything at one time is not practical. Trying to work amid an overhaul and installation can be overwhelming and disruptive. Not to mention footing the bill on the entire project at one time is probably expensive and unrealistic. And while you may love it immediately, after a while, problems would pop-up again. If you do a one-time overhaul, everything is out-of-date at the same time. The warranties all expire on the same day.

The Five Year Plan

So how can you upgrade your equipment in a time and budget-friendly way? It’s actually easy and you can start today. FSA recommends a five year plan. Plan to reinvest in 20% of your office technology a year and in five years you will have an entirely new office. That allows you to budget, ensures that nothing is forgotten or is allowed to get too out of date, and guarantees that you always have some of the latest and greatest to maximize your office.

Take an Inventory

While it’s easy to think of your computers and laptops, you want to make sure you create a comprehensive list of all the technology in your office. Include everything from the things you use day to day to items you may only use once a year or for that one special project. Also, make sure you include the things you don’t see, including your hardwired Internet connections, modems, Wi-Fi access points, and phone lines.

Do the Math and Decrease your Digital Clutter

Sometimes you need to throw away something you still want like those old jeans that don’t fit anymore The five year plan allows you to budget for these expenses rather than scrambling when something breaks. When you budget to reinvest in 20% of your IT infrastructure a year it is much more manageable on your bottom line. Have 10 laptops in your office? Investing in two a year rather than 10 at once is much more cost-effective.

Find the Right Fit

Buying things on a schedule affords you the time to research. Think about your existing technology. What do you like about it? What drives you crazy? What is on your wishlist? What features does it lack? When purchasing things on a plan, you can take the time to find the right fit. Maybe features on your wishlist are now standard. Or maybe you paid for a feature you don’t use anymore.

For example, if you set up an office conference room five years ago, you would have invested a lot in the phone systems since conference calls were standard practice at the time. But now that we are all accustomed to virtual meetings, it may be better to look at the audio and video technology in your meeting rooms.

Keep it Rolling

The final great feature of the 5 year plan is that you will never have an entirely out-of-date office. Because when your 5 years are up, you just start to plan for the next 5 years. That helps you to decrease digital clutter, and time lost to IT frustrations and headaches, and increase productivity and your company’s growth.

Not sure how to start your 5 year plan? Ready to get rid of your digital clutter? Call us today to schedule a consultation. We will create a customized plan that fits your needs and your budget