7 tips for choosing the best business Internet service provider

When looking for Internet connectivity for your business, it’s important to understand your company’s  Internet needs. With Internet service being so ubiquitous these days, it’s easy to assume that all Internet is the same. But there is a significant difference between home and business Internet service. 

Business Internet has many features specific to your company’s needs. Before making a decision, you need to understand your company’s needs and what factors to consider from your potential provider.

Choosing the Best Business Internet Service Provider

1. Reliability is Key

When you have residential Internet, you share your connection with other people on your street and in your neighborhood. This can cause slow connections and throttling during busy times. With Business Internet, you have a dedicated line, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your connection with other companies in your office building or down the block.

2. Know Your Bandwidth Needs

Big Internet is always trying to sell you bigger and faster Wi-Fi. But how much do you really need? Look at your staff and workflow to determine what you realistically need. Your needs will vary if your business relies on the creation or transferring of large files versus an office that only needs web browsing and email. How many users do you have, but also, how many individual and shared devices do you have?

3. Understand your Need for Speed

Because of the ways that homes use the Internet, residential internet often has different upload and download speeds. With business Internet, you have a symmetrical connection, meaning that upload and download speeds match. This provides a better connection for common business needs such as sharing documents, video conferences, and streaming.

4. Make Sure You Can Reach Everyone Everywhere

Business Internet is not limited to the Wi-Fi used in one physical office location. Do you have multiple offices? Are you a coffee shop with more than one location? Will customer Wi-Fi improve your customers’ experiences? Business Internet providers, like FSA, can make sure your team and clients are connected everywhere they go.

5. Get Local Support

Down time doesn’t just impact your staff. It can lead to client frustration and even missed sales. We’ve already talked about the importance of reliability, but, of course, issues will arise. Having an expert on your side who is local and available is critical. So when the inevitable happens, your ISP support team can mitigate the impact. 

6. Flexibility and Forward-thinking

You don’t want the day your Internet service is installed to be when it is the most up to date. Make sure that your provider is always prepared for the next problem, up on the latest innovations, and able to grow with your business.  

7. Multi-Level Security

Cybersecurity is important for every business, but not all Internet service providers utilize the same security measures. Ask potential providers what firewalls and anti-virus measures they use, along with how they monitor and respond to threats. True security is a multi-layered effort, and you want confidence that your provider is staying up to date on threats and providing the best defense.

At FSA Consulting, we understand that choosing the right business Internet service provider is crucial for the success of your business. That’s why we offer a range of consulting services to help businesses like yours succeed. Our team of experts can evaluate your business needs and customize the right Internet solution for your company.

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