How Temporary Event Wi-Fi Benefits Your 3 Most Important Audiences

When planning an event, you worry about everything. Is it going to rain? Where will everyone park? Will anyone show up? What about Wi-Fi connectivity?

If you are planning a neighborhood festival, charity gala, farmers market, or even a conference, here are a few ways that temporary event Wi-Fi will benefit your most important audiences. 


Social Media

So, you want folks to share that they are enjoying your event. This encourages others to learn what they are missing out on. The best time for them to do that is in the moment! 42% of event posts are made during the event. If people can’t post at the moment, only 18% are likely to share their experience after the event. 


Event connectivity allows you to engage with your audience in real time. Since nearly all of your attendees will have their phones on them, you can use that to your advantage. Poll your audience to gather their opinions on what your speakers are discussing. If you’re hosting a fundraising event, you can ask for donations at the moment, as folks are moved by the stories of those your organization helps, or maybe they’re just moved by the open bar. 


Swipe Credit Cards

It’s no secret that cash is no longer king, and a wireless connection allows your attendees to pay via credit card for refreshments and merchandise. If it’s an event with multiple vendors, like a craft fair or farmer’s market, you can even provide portable credit card readers to your vendors. This is a value-add to your vendors since they won’t have to invest on their own, but it also provides a consistent experience for your attendees regardless of which vendors they visit. 


Wireless connectivity allows you and your vendors to utilize digital displays to promote their products, showcase their services, and even provide an up-to-date menu of their offerings. A small flat-screen display is easier to manage and often cheaper than large and cumbersome signage or sandwich boards, 

Staff and Organizers

Use event Wi-Fi to connect with each other

The goal of every event is for attendees to have a great time and never understand the stress and chaos happening before and behind the scenes. Wi-Fi connections allow the team backstage, coordinating the run of the show, and at registration, all communicate with each other easily and quietly. 

Registration, ticketing, check-in

There are a number of registration apps and software that can help you track attendance, and many of them have ticketing and check-in capabilities. Gone are the days of printing constantly changing RSVP lists that your staff have to manually check off as attendees enter. Online check-in and ticketing speed up the lines at the door. 

Temporary event Wi-Fi may not be at the top of your event planning checklist, but it is crucial to the success of your event. Regardless of your event type, event Wi-Fi can benefit your attendees, vendors, and your event team.

Let FSA Consulting plan, set up, and manage your event Wi-Fi. Contact us today to tell us about your plans, and we will create the customized connection you need.