Why use an Apple Consultant?

Choosing who to trust with your IT solutions and equipment is a big decision. Whether it is the computers your staff use at their desks or the point-of-sale equipment you use with your customers, your technology solutions are the lifeblood of your business and you don’t want to put it in just anyone’s hands. If Apple products comprise all or some of your IT infrastructure, you need a Certified Apple Consultant. A member of the Apple Consultant Network, like FSA Consulting, can help you assess your current systems, install new solutions, and provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

What is an Apple Consultant?

The Apple Consultants Network is a global community of professional service providers specializing in Apple and third-party solutions. Apple Consultants are trained and certified by Apple to build, manage and support your company’s Apple technology. We have access to exclusive resources and specialized training, as well as insider knowledge and experience. We help you maximize your IT investment with the added benefit of exclusive access to Apple’s business resources. But we remain independent IT consultants, so we will never try to sell you on a product or service your organization doesn’t need.

Isn’t the benefit of Apple products that they are ready to use out of the box and easy to understand?

Well, yes, Apple has based its home user success on simple, intuitive solutions. But this is not your kid’s iPad. This is your business and many aspects of Apple’s robust programs and technology can be a customized benefit to your company. We want to make sure that every piece of your technology infrastructure is set up correctly, so everything works together seamlessly and efficiently. 

Why not just go to the Genius Bar?

It’s easy to wonder why you just wouldn’t go to Walnut Street to the Apple store if something happens to your Mac technology. But with FSA as your Apple Consultant, we come to you to manage, update, and support your technology. Rather than interrupting your day, leaving the office, and getting support at the Genius Bar, you and your team can keep working while we take care of your IT issues. When we come to your business, we see your solutions in your workspace. We fix any problems and also recommend improvements and solutions.

Can an Apple Consultant Improve Your Office?

As an Apple Consultant, we take the time to review your entire enterprise and determine the best solutions and improvements for you and your staff. We take the time to understand your company’s needs and challenges. We recommend and help you implement efficient and cost-effective technology solutions.  This not only includes Apple hardware and devices, but we also maintain comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of Apple software.

FSA Consulting is proud to be one of Pittsburgh’s only Certified Apple Consultants. When you work with us, you receive our insider Apple knowledge and experience, along with the personalized support of Pittsburgh’s IT concierge. Learn more about the Apple Consultants Network or contact us for an assessment today.