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Deliberate Screen Time: Notifications

Be deliberate when you’re in front of your screens — Part 2 of 3

This is the second post in our series on improving your focus and productivity through tips to make your screen time more deliberate.

We’re all Pavlov’s dogs now. Something dings and you reach to pick up your phone or open the notification that popped up on your computer screen. Alerts follow you all day long—emails, interoffice messaging systems, phone calls, texts, news alerts, “likes” on your latest Instagram posts, and even game notifications. 

It starts with the best of intentions. “If I have my email notifications on, I will be able to respond to my boss or my client, at a moment’s notice. I will be seen as a dedicated employee. I will be providing great customer service.” The best of intentions. 

But most calls, emails, and messages aren’t that time sensitive. Heck, a lot of them aren’t even important.


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Deliberate Screen Time: RSS Feeds

Be Deliberate When You’re in Front of Your Screen — Part 1 of 3

This is the first post in our series on improving your focus and productivity through tips to make your screen time more deliberate.

Do you cringe every time your iPhone gives you your weekly screen time report? Where does all the time go? It may be scrolling through the news of the world, the latest in your industry, or everything you need to know for your fantasy football lineup. You sit down to look up information and soon you are distracted by a clickbait headline, fall down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, or forget entirely what you were looking for in the first place. 

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Misconceptions about Apple Products

Many organizations don’t believe they can incorporate Apple products into their existing IT landscape or make their office an Apple office. Maybe it feels like too expensive an undertaking. Maybe there is concern about intermingling devices. In a modern hybrid work world, employees may be using their work laptop in the office, but checking email and Slack on their iPhone from the road.

Let’s look at some common misconceptions about Apple products to help you make an informed decision.

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Cybersecurity for your devices

Spring Cleaning Part II: Refreshing your IT Infrastructure

Last month we gave you some tips and tricks for spring cleaning and clearing the digital clutter in your life. If you tried them but your systems are still running slow, it might be time to purchase new computers or upgrade your office technology. But where do you start with such a daunting task?

It may be easy to dream of completely renovating all of your office technology infrastructure. Imagine everything up-to–date, functional, and with the latest features! But for most companies, updating everything at one time is not practical. Trying to work amid an overhaul and installation can be overwhelming and disruptive. Not to mention footing the bill on the entire project at one time is probably expensive and unrealistic. And while you may love it immediately, after a while, problems would pop-up again. If you do a one-time overhaul, everything is out-of-date at the same time. The warranties all expire on the same day.

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FSA Consulting Tech Tips blog post on spring cleaning digital clutter

Spring Cleaning: Clearing Digital Clutter

Spring cleaning. Maybe you want a fresh start. Maybe you need to clear your house and your mind of things you don’t need. Perhaps you’re just really bored during the cold Pittsburgh winter. As you attack your closets and carpets, don’t forget to clear out the digital clutter in your life!

We promise it’s not that hard and you’ll be happy you did. You don’t need to buy a new computer to have a computer that runs like new.

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#TechTips: How many Web Browser Tabs should you have open

How many browser tabs should I have open? Answer in this month’s Tech Tip.

FSA Consulting is an IT management firm or by the industry term, a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

You call a plumber when you have a problem with your sink, an electrician when you have a problem with a light switch, and businesses call us when they have a problem with their computer (or anything technology-related).

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#TechTips: Reboot Your Computer

You haven’t reboot your computer since WHEN?

Why you should get into the habit of rebooting your computer once a week.

As a managed IT service provider, we encourage our clients to call us whenever they need IT support.  After all, we are their IT department and if they’re having trouble with their computer, they need to know they can count on us to help them resolve their issues and get back to work fast. But so often, we get asked questions that don’t have a good rhyme or reason for happening.

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